Club event Results 2016



Mixed Pairs

First rounds of Mixed Pairs 10th October 2015
Round 1
N Pritchard/L Kennedy def N Lynch/J Mitchell
S Jarvis/ R Davies lost to K Sceney/JMorton
P Standfield/ GTatterson lost to L&M Jackson
CKerr/ B Allan def K Pritchard/SBrown
Round 2
G&L Bath def F Bye/ R Brown 
R Morris/C Rowan def R Morton/M Sceney
L Bryant/H Stephenson lost to L&P Griffiths
M Higgins/K McAlpine def R Kennedy / P Carter
C Lambourn/ K Melrose def B Melrose/ F Matthews
W Hammill/ H Wegener def K Fyfe/ H Shipalius 
K Sceney/ J Morton def L & M Jackson
N Pritchard/L Kennedy def C Kerr/B Allan
Quarter final 
G &L Bath def C Lambourn/K Melrose
Sceney/Morton v Morris/ Rowan
Hammill/Wegener V Pritchard/Kennedy
Higgins/McAlpine V L&P Griffiths
outstanding games to be completed by November 1st

Ladies Singles Championship
Round 1
M Sceney def J Morton
C Rowan def K Macalpine
K Melrose def G Tatterson
R Brown Bye

Round 2
C Rowan def M Sceney
K Melrose def R Brown

Final to be played on 4th December at 4pm

Mens Singles Championship
M Partridge Bye
I Woods lot to R Lambourne
M Higgins W/O
R Kennedy W/O
G Bath lost to N Pritchard
R Davies W/O
R Morton def K Pritchard
W Lynch Bye
Round 2
M Partridge def R Lambourn
M Higgins def R Kennedy
N Pritchard def R Davies
N Lynch def R Morton
Semi Finals to be played by 1st November
Final 4 December 4pm.