Saturday Pennant Teams – Sale Bowls Club

Pennant Teams for Saturday 25 January

These teams were picked on Monday afternoon.  Please check the board before Saturday as there are usually some changes made to teams.

Lead Second Third Skip
Section 1
White v Heyfield At Heyfield
Shane Higgins (*) Jan Morton Russ Lambourn Matthew Higgins
Chris Brown Peter Eppelstun Rod Morris Steve Chalmer
Wally Hudson Ray Kennedy Ian Jones Andrew Stephenson
Blue Bye
Section 2
White v Yarram At Sale
Kris Macalpine Les Jackson Leigh Bryant (*) Warren Hammill
Fred Bye Ewen Paterson Ted Airey Rob Costello
Mal Sayers Cliff Kerr Ken Sceney Marg Sceney
Blue v Heyfield At Sale
Peter Nikitin Bruce Melrose (*) Ian Kendell Leon Woods
Peter Gavin Pam Griffiths Camille Rowan Pat O’Brien
Reg Carmody Jim Lindrea Rob Jones Denis Madeley
Section 3
White v Heyfield At Heyfield
Dave McReady Linsday Griffiths Helen Wegener (*) Stan Doak
Bruce Hughes Janelle Abraham Keren Blake Gary Davidson
Blue v West Sale At West Sale
Graeme Upton Jock Walker Jim Grant Neville Ballinger
David Marshman Lindsay Burton (*) John Morgan Lyn Taylor